Our Bond

A first of its Kind

Investment through the Azurite bond allows you to be a part of the ambitious real estate and property growth plans in Monaco

Your investment will be ultimately used to invest in real estate projects in Monaco and within a 150 kilometer radius of Monaco(“surrounding Ares) that meet strict funding criteria, with a view to ultimately delivering strong returns.

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Feature 1

Fixed rate of interest of 8% per annum


Feature 2

Low-entry minimum investment of just £2000

3 Years

Feature 3

A fixed term length of 3 years


Feature 4

Wrapped in an ISA to give you tax free returns***

The Benefits

Secure asset backed**

Dedicated account manager for your investment

Online platform for easy viewing, updates and management.

Strict funding criteria

No charge for investing in azurite bonds

Expert architect and interior design team with years of local experience

Your investment potential

Finance illustration

Monaco is planning for the future. Azurite offers the opportunity to be a part of it.

YearOpening BalanceInterest AccruedClosing Investment Balance
Total Net Return£4,800

Returns Calculator

Fixed term paid monthly

3 Years

Total Investment Return

Minimum investment: £2,000

The ISA Investment Process

N.B Legal advisers Knights, Praxis administrators and More Group Security Trustees are all part of the investment process. For a more detailed look at the process download the brochure on our website.


Your investment starts with the ISA Management Team, Northern Provident Investment


After we recieve your investment the funds will ultimately be lent to Azurite Ltd. Their Advisory Board deciede what properties and developments they will invest in Monaco and its surrounding areas


Any returns are ultimately either paid back to investors or the profits are reinvested

4 Reasons

Here are for key reasons why Monaco is an attractive destination for property and real estate development


Low Tax Center

Monaco is a low-tax centre of commerce with the characteristics of a leisure destination. This makes irt appealing to high-net-worth individuals as a place to live, do business and play.


Continued rise in property prices

Prices have adjusted in the prime residential markets of many cities, yet Monaco’s continue to rise, with property prices set to remain at record highs.


Most expensive price per sq m

The average resale price is 4.3m or 41,000 per square meter, upto 180% in a decade


High Demand

Monaco continues to face high demand from the world’s high-net-worth individuals, which is driving price growth and plans for new property development.

How do I invest?


Click Button

the ‘GET STARTED’ button will take you to The ISA manager website and application run by Northern Provident Investments.


Select Investment

Select the investor type and choose how much you want to invest.


Enter your info

Enter the personal information requested and read fully and agree to the Azurite ISA Terms and Conditions and privacy policy


Setup Payment

You can pay (in£ sterling only), either by a one off direct debit or bank transfer. You can do this through the online application.


Access dashboard

You will then be able to access your personalised dashboard.



As soon as you have finished this process, you will be sent an email with confirmation of your bond subscription.


Get certificate

Within 14 days, a copy of your bond certificate will be available to view and download in the drop down menu found on your online account.



You will be notified by email when it is ready.

The Azurite ISA Bond


PA | 3 Year


Offering a Fixed Rate

  • Invest from £10,000
  • Tax-free returns
  • Asset Backed
  • UK Residents Only

The Azurite Bond


PA | 3 Year


Offering a Fixed Rate

  • No set up costs
  • Asset Backed
  • Open to International Investors
  • Open to Institutional Investors
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